Why Teledentistry?

by | Mar 30, 2020

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Why Teledentistry?: Some practices have taken advantage of this service for quite some time, others are now realizing they need to get on board quickly to continue to assist patients. A bigger reason to offer this service now is to keep non-emergent patients out of the emergency rooms. Our healthcare system is overwhelmed and as dentists, we can certainly do our part to help. With virtual consultations, we can provide guidance, solutions to care for things now, recommendation to visit an emergency room and of course schedule them to come in once we have the go-ahead. This can help us bounce back strong post-covid19.


Many restrictions have been relaxed to conveniently begin assisting patients at this time. We strongly recommend reviewing the ADA Resources to help with a variety of new issues you may be dealing with during limited or restricted operations.

Please check the ADA’s website daily for updated information.


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