What Other Are Saying
About e-DentalMarket

“Thank you so much! MONEY WELL SPENT! You make my life easier!!!”

Dr Lacourte, CO

“You guys are amazing. You all are very patient and soooo detail oriented. Then the icing on the cake is the huge increase in our fee schedules. You are all greatly appreciated!”

B. Wilson, TX

“Kelsey Gorr was excellent in handling our account. She answered all of our questions in a timely manner. I feel that the expense was worth it for the negotiations.”
Dr. Emrich, NC

Great Communication! Kept us on the ball getting paperwork in.
Dr. Kaiser, PA

The EDM team has done a great job keeping me up to speed on the negotiations and on understanding how the process works
Dr. Gazori, VA

“Kelsey and E-Dental were extremely successful at increasing several of our insurance fee schedules ranging from 3% to 47% increases. Kelsey’s knowledge regarding the dental leasing companies was very valuable. She helped us determine which leasing companies were paying the lowest and helped us terminate the relationship where necessary. We have 12 locations with several different TINs and their company handled the increases in a timely manner and we are very satisfied with their services”
Tracey, AZ

“When I find people who are on top of their game, I do spread the knowledge.”

Dr. Bazos, FL

“e-DentalMarket not only helped us negotiate our contracted fees higher they also aided us in increasing our FFS fees. Because of this process we were able to find mistakes we were making and were able to increase our profits this year by well over $200,000!”

Dr. Billings, MD

“e-Dental was able to get us a significant increase…and increases for a few more companies…was a huge victory for us. We have been happy with the service that we have received with e-Dental. They have always been quick to return my calls or emails. We are working with them on their in office savings plan which is a huge task … If you are thinking about a savings plan for your office though I would also recommend them because they gave us a ton of background info that we honestly never would have thought of without them.”

Dr. Frandsen, UT

“This is the second time we have used this company. Without a negotiation company there is no way I would have gotten higher fees. Last time they paid for themselves in a matter of just a few months. I anticipate the same to be true this time.”

Dr. Waggoner, NV

“e-DentalMarket was great at communicating with our offices the changes she recommended to help streamline our insurance affiliations so that we could maximize our reimbursement levels as much as possible.”

Dr. Kellerman, IL

“I am very happy with the final outcome of our work with e-DentalMarket. We were able to get our fee schedule more in line with other providers in the area and increase our reimbursement rate for all insurance companies we are contracted with. The staff at edental was very proactive in updating us as negotiations progressed but did not burden us with too much back and forth.”

Dr. Thornton, DC

“e-DentalMarket has been WONDERFUL to work with! I am honored to recommend this company to any dental practice/friend..”

Dr. Lalonde, TX

“If you have a small staff and can’t dedicate anyone to do this tedious work, you should have e-DentalMarket help you.”

Dr. Rapp, IN

“Working with eDental Market has been a great experience! They worked tirelessly to negotiate the highest fees possible from insurance companies. They also gave great advice about which insurance companies to credential with. It really helped me understand that there are many ways to go about becoming an in-network provider and starting with the most profitable structure ensured I was receiving the most money possible. As a new practice, it was invaluable to my success.

On top of ensuring the best fee schedules, they take care of all the paperwork for you and follow through with each of the different insurance companies. They even give you a weekly update on the status and progress of the applications so you are always aware of what is happening. It really was nice to know things were taken care of properly and it was one less thing to worry about.

With such great service and great results, I would recommend eDental Market to anyone!”

Dr. Bonura, NM

“I am very satisfied with the service as the fee schedules you negotiated were superb.”
Dr. Malavich, OH

“Your team has been extremely helpful with regards to our PPO negotiations! We will definitely recommend your company to colleagues.”

B. Marmur, FL

“Last summer, we hired an associate who is new to our area. Until she meets people and develops a solid referral base, she decided to participate in a few insurance plans. A colleague mentioned to me that we would benefit from the services of a company that negotiates fees. I selected E-Dental Market and was immediately impressed with their strategic plan. First they performed a demographic analysis of our fees to bring all our fees up to at least 80% of those in our area. We were informed us that several of our fees were below the average, which surprised us. They then negotiated the fees for us, and went back for renegotiation when warranted. These fees schedules were substantially higher than those offered to us prior to negotiation. Most important, they provided us a detailed report of how we could maximize our reimbursement with the selection of certain insurance companies. They educated us on the use of leased networks and we were able to opt out of those we were not interested in. When the contracts arrived, my representative, reviewed them with me and pointed out where I could request changes or make selections to our advantage. We have been very pleased with the services provided by E-Dental Market. We believe the financial benefit we have and will receive will far exceed the expense. Every staff member was thorough and professional. E-Dental Market delivered everything they said they would and much more! We highly recommend them!
Annette, Washington DC

“I recently enlisted the assistance of e-DentalMarket to negotiate the contracted fees with several insurance companies. My fees were wll below the market average and I had no hope of being profitable with such low reimbursement for services rendered. The e-DentalMarket team made the process as painless as possible. I was able to focus on my patients while they worked with the insurance companies. They contacted the office via email almost weekly ensuring we knew what was happening in the process. In the end, she was able to customize a proposal based on my office fees and increased the average compensation of my top utilized codes to over 90%. I would definitely recommend e-DentalMarket.”

Dr. Trembath, CO

“In February 2017 we had the privilege of working with eDentalMarket to negotiate our PPO fees. In the past we tried to stay on top of doing this every 2 years by ourselves and realized that it was very time consuming, frustrating and we had very little success. We decided to give it a try thinking this would save us a lot of time and frustration.  Our account manager and her team were able to get us increases for all insurance companies ranging from 5.11% – 14.12%. She also evaluated all the insurance companies that we participate with and was able to help restructure for better compensation and dropping the ones that were paying at a lower percentage without the loss of any patients by seeing the patients through a higher paying insurance company. I think this would be a pretty hard for a practice to get this kind of results on their own or through any other company. Kelsey is very knowledgeable in how insurance companies work and is very detailed oriented, thorough, passionate about her work, and very pleasant to work with. We have gained lots of respect for her and these qualities she has to offer. I would highly recommend to hire eDentalMarket to any dentist who wants to get higher reimbursements from the insurance companies.”

Dr. Shah, NJ