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by | Dec 1, 2016

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December’s Practice Success Story

According to the latest industry findings, patients without dental insurance are up to 75% more likely to avoid making a dentist appointment altogether. Dentists with initiative are able to push past this common issue using methodologies and software that provide an impactful solution. Incorporating in-house plans, even in the very first year, makes a drastic difference. When patients give you money directly to be part of your plan, neither of you are losing out to the insurance companies and everybody wins. Below are the first-year numbers of a solo practitioner general dentist in a rural location with five or more years of practice:
  • PlanPro Hygiene Production: $27,256
  • PlanPro Doctor Production: $167.778
  • Total 1st Yr. PlanPro Production: $195,034
Offer your community quality dental services at greatly reduced prices and make more money, all without having to go through the rigmarole of traditional insurance plans. With no deductibles, no yearly maximums and no waiting periods, it’s a hassle-free, cost-saving solution for both dentist and patient.

The Dental Mastermind

Successful dental practices know the importance of staying intentional. Being intentional with your practice means implementing the latest tools and resources in order to stay on top. Those of us at e-DentalMarket love to use the phrase “intentional disruption” to describe this concept. Intentional disruption means proactive growth through design. You either wait for something to fall apart or you start using intentional disruption to see results, whether it’s in your practice’s systems, finances or processes. True dental masterminds understand that the greatest return on investment is always found when you invest in yourself and your dental team. Devising solutions created by dentists for dentists, e-DentalMarket knows how to intentionally disrupt your practice in a way that makes your profitability and efficiency skyrocket. Take advantage of our free consultation and see what we mean.

Insurance Updates

Leasing arrangements for 2017 are shifting with Cigna Dental and United Concordia. Effective November 1st 2016, United Concordia has already entered into a new agreement with Principal Life Insurance Company. Additionally, as of May 2017, Cigna Dental will no longer be leasing its DPPO (Radius) network through Connection Dental. These changes can alter your network leasing, meaning that your Principal patients can now be leased through your United Concordia contract if you are not directly contracted with Principal. e-DentalMarket knows it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on dentistry news, and we want to keep you at the cutting edge so you can save on your bottom line and continue to provide quality care. We’ll continue to release news like this so that you stay informed.

Profit-Increasing Practice Manage Solutions

Dentists across the country use QDP, MemberDent and PlanPro to facilitate affordable, efficient care to their patients. They’ve decided to grab hold of the freedom that private practice is supposed to give them. It’s time to set and keep 100% of your own fees. Gain total control of your plan and your practice with e-DentalMarket apps and services.
Here are just some of the benefits:
  • Seamlessly enter plan, discount, enrollment and service details with the PlanPro app. With a financial dashboard and patient portal, it streamlines processes for all involved, reducing a substantial amount of workload.
  • Receive a marketing strategy, complete support for internal and external marketing, branding and public relations with the the Quality Dental Plan app.
  • Integrate your software with our FeePro App, powered by FAIR Health, and gain access to percentile and utilization data for your area by zip code.
  • Dramatically improve insurance revenue with our comprehensive and customizable PPO Negotiator / Optimization services.
We optimize your office fees, maximize your PPO insurance revenue and reduce dependence on third parties so that you receive an incredible return on your investment. Prevent your profits from flying out the door and into the hands of insurance companies. Contact e-DentalMarket to learn more about our apps and services.
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Many providers are still unaware of PPO leasing, how it works or how to keep it from affecting the bottom line. Dental PPO leasing has pretty much leaked it’s way into every major PPO plan and the combination options to be in network are endless.

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“This is the second time we have used this company. Without a negotiation company there is no way I would have gotten higher fees. Last time they paid for themselves in a matter of just a few months. I anticipate the same to be true this time.”

Dr. Waggoner, NV