The Power of PPO Structure Reviews

by | Feb 1, 2018

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The Power of PPO Structure Reviews
Are you losing thousands of dollars every month … and don’t even know it?

Insurance companies are continually signing new leasing arrangements with each other. Often these new leasing arrangements allow insurance companies to pay you on a lesser fee schedule without you even being aware that it is happening. This will inevitably cost your practice thousands of dollars a month.

Every day we speak with practices that are completely oblivious to how their PPO fee implementation is structured, or how it works. With all the leasing options available in the insurance industry, and practices not consistently reviewing their EOBs, we see practices losing thousands of dollars monthly.

Understanding how leasing arrangements work, and how they impact not only one fee schedule, but ALL PPO fee schedules is vital to the financial health of every dental practice accepting PPOs. One small leasing arrangement could potentially cost your practice tens of thousands of dollars every year.

In 2017 one major insurance company, that is known for low fees, signed new leasing arrangements with several other companies. Many practices were unaware they were suddenly being paid on lesser fee schedules and took massive financial hits because of it. By the time it’s recognized and fixed, you’ve likely lost 30% of collections over months.

This is something that is happening more and more throughout the insurance industry and those companies are banking on the fact that dental practices don’t even notice until the losses are huge.

This is the reason it is vital to watch those EOBs and make sure you understand the entirety of your PPO fee schedule and how they are affecting one another. One small leasing arrangement can change the whole game.

Here at e-DentalMarket, we strive to help practices understand the dynamics of how these leasing options work and how they are impacting your practice revenue.

Through a PPO fee structure review we can recognize those potential pitfalls that could be costing your practice some big dollars, in addition to negotiating.

If you are uncertain about the stability of your PPO fee structure, get some help. Reach out to a professional who is familiar with leasing, PPO fee structures, and the constant changes that are taking place in the insurance industry.

One of the services we provide here at e-DentalMarket is a no-obligation consultation for all dental practices. You will have the opportunity to speak with our Director of Insurance Optimization personally. She will review your current fee structure, explain the dynamics of how leasing is impacting your fee schedules, and educate you on your options to create a stronger stream of revenue through your PPO arrangements.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation please use the following link or fill out the form below and one of our professional staff will contact you directly to schedule you an appointment.

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