What is the cost of NOT negotiating PPO Fees Strategically?

by | Aug 1, 2017

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What is the cost of NOT negotiating PPO Fees Strategically?

by Kristan Palmer

The average dental practice with PPO participation is leaving $3,000-$5,000 dollars on the table EVERY MONTH. The best time to implement strategic PPO structuring was yesterday… why wait any longer?

You may have seen some fees decreasing in 2017 due to new leasing contracts between several carriers. Often, these decreases go unnoticed until end of the year, when you realize your collections aren’t where they should be. Truth is, this has been happening for quite some time, but the changes are becoming more and more noticeable as leasing contracts continue to grow. For those who are unfamiliar with leasing, it’s the ability for an insurance carrier to process your claims in network with another company’s fee schedule to pay you the lowest they possibly can, even lower than what you had initially agreed to through another contract.

Leasing, by default, can hurt a practice in time. Leasing strategically by understanding options, precedence and loop-holes can be the most profitable thing you’ve ever done in your office. When we say “PPO Negotiations” it sounds like a simple concept. PPO Negotiations, and the success that follows, is 100% contingent on understanding these leasing agreements. Today, there are literally thousands of ways to configure PPO Participation, both for better or for worse. You don’t stand a chance unless you understand how to pull leverage based on your current participation, potential participation and leasing available to you through those details.

We offer free consultations to all dental practices to discuss your current situation and help you identify some of the major contributors to huge write-offs. We’d be happy to share these details and discuss options on how you can improve PPO fees moving forward.

Investing in a project like PPO Fee Negotiations can seem like an unnecessary cost. Without understanding the leverage needed to see results, you’ll find yourself trying for months with little to no success. Furthermore, if you accept small increases, you’re stuck with them for up to 3 years! Our average client sees a full return within months of implementation, and upwards of 10x in their first year! We guarantee a full return on your investment through our Money Back Guarantee program because we are confident that we can show you how to make improvements that will impact your bottom line significantly!

Schedule a call with Kristan to discuss your current PPO structure, how PPO insurance optimization will work for you and a customized plan of action based on your current structure and overall goals.

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“This is the second time we have used this company. Without a negotiation company there is no way I would have gotten higher fees. Last time they paid for themselves in a matter of just a few months. I anticipate the same to be true this time.”

Dr. Waggoner, NV