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PPO Negotiations and PPO Optimization

2021 Update

We’ve seen accelerated changes within the insurance companies over the last year. Those changes have made it nearly impossible to see optimal results with standard PPO negotiations. Our system implements optimization of contracts and structures those contracts to provide the most beneficial results for your practice. This is a very complex and detailed process with which we have seen great results.

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Dental PPO Negotiations and Optimization

e-DentalMarket’s Dental PPO Negotiations and Optimization service is the fastest and most efficient way to improve insurance revenue in the industry. Our PPO Negotiators use a three-pronged approach while significantly increasing and optimizing practice revenue:

  1. Optimize UCR office fees
  2. Maximize PPO Insurance Revenue
  3. Reduce Dependency on Insurance Companies.

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation call today. Our professionals will answer all your questions. You will receive detailed information about your current PPO fee structure additionally seeing why thousands of other dentists trust e-DentalMarket and their PPO negotiators to perform dental insurance fee negotiating on their behalf.

PPO Negotiations Service Features and Benefits:

  • Utilization of key demographic research specific to your area.
  • Established insurance relationships as well as modes of communication to ensure expedited and successful negotiation results.
  • Implementation of proven strategies to effectively yield results on your behalf.
  • Measurable forecasting of potential revenue increases.
  • Professional, practice specific recommendations for a more competitive and profitable PPO structure.
  • Effective dates secured for all improved fee schedules.
  • Custom pricing for your practice with installment options available.

Who We Work With:

  • Solo Providers
  • Start-Up Practices
  • Multi-Location Practices
  • Multi-Provider Practices
  • Specialists
  • DSOs

PPO Add-On Services:

  • Credentialing
  • Add, Change, or Remove Locations, Associates, or TINs
  • Practice Acquisition and Ownership Changes
  • Terminations and Restructuring of PPO Plans

Avoid the Anxiety

It is important to realize that as a dentist you are required to have complete knowledge about dental care and procedures. Your practice should also be able to provide quality dentistry to patients who seek professional advice as well as to those who are in need of diverse treatments. It is equally important to have specialized knowledge of dental insurance plans and the benefits you and your patients can receive from them.Consequently, this load of responsibility can cause dentists and their staff a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. e-DentalMarket’s PPO Negotiations service allows you to focus on your practice and patients while we dedicate the necessary time required to achieve ultimate results.

If you feel that the many hours of work and scarcely available information about how to negotiate dental insurance rates leaves you wanting to hire a proven and affordable professional team, look no further.

Whether you are a solo-practice or a multi-location group, it is important to realize the necessity of hiring someone who understands the complexity of co-leasing arrangements and shared networks.

Our experienced PPO negotiators take tremendous satisfaction in assisting our clients by analyzing the complete picture. With attention to your insurance contracts, office fees, reimbursements, and client demographics, your complete PPO structure will be thoroughly evaluated.

Regardless of the size of your practice, we’ll make sure that you receive the profits you deserve.

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