PPE guidelines and regulations have no doubt increased your operating costs, and many insurance companies are not recognizing the need for coverage or the additional costs you’re incurring. The easiest way to reduce overhead is to increase collections, but how do we do this when we’re limited to insurance carrier’s allowable amounts?

Insurance optimization goes way beyond standard negotiating techniques and is the most profitable solution to maximizing insurance participation. Negotiating in the traditional sense has become nearly impossible and is not going to result in increases worth the efforts. The industry has shifted drastically over the past several years, intentionally, to prevent higher contracted fee schedules. There is so much “behind the scenes” information that you must know to even begin finding solutions to increase your collections.

Our mission is to educate dental practices on the changes taking place in the industry, so you can make sense out of what is happening and make the decision to correct what’s naturally occurring. We’ll take it a step further and provide you detailed information on ways to continue to see valued patients in network and collect a fair fee from insurance carriers. Our one-of-a-kind process is tailored specifically for your practice, and there is not a “one size fits all” solutions to maximizing insurance profitability.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about what’s happening in the industry, how our company helps practices increase insurance collections by tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per provider annually and reduce overhead significantly. There is no better time to take action!

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