There’s been a lot of confusion regarding PPE. And rightfully so. It’s going to be a process for the insurance companies to get this hiccup figured out. Especially with all the leasing agreements and making sure third party providers are on board and up to date with billing policies.

Below are a few facts of what we’ve been able to confirm so far. As always, it is important to check your patient’s eligibility and confirm that the D1999 code will be covered and is an allowable billing code for PPE.

We are also recommending, because of some very vague information, that when dealing with Delta Dental practices confirm patient plans and get specific instructions from Delta Dental on how to bill and what code to use.

Delta Dental is all over the map with PPE, so it is essential that you confirm within your state and with the plans that you participate in, as well as patient eligibility.

Delta Dental of TN is providing Henry Schein account credits up to $1000 for in-network providers. Click here for more details regarding how that credit will work. 

Delta Dental of CT and Delta Dental NJ are allowing $10 per patient for PPE. This is for participating dentists and DDNJ and DDCT members only, for a two-month period. The links for that information are as follows. Delta Dental of NJ (DDNJ)Delta Dental of CT (DDCT).

This may not necessarily mean that if you are in these states all PPE is covered, we believe it’s for Delta members of these states so some claims may be covered while others may not depending on the cardholder.

United Concordia and Principal are both allowing for PPE. United Concordia will be $10 while Principal is $7. The ADA released an updated Covid-19 Coding and Billing Interim Guide for PPE on May 15 which includes more information about Delta Dental, United Concordia, and Principal.

They are updating this as more information becomes available and we are encouraging all practices to review it frequently as well as reach out to provider relations to confirm the information and ask questions.

The guide from the ADA can be found here. 

Many dentists are updating their UCR fees to help compensate for the increased expense with PPE. If you need a UCR fee analysis we can help. For more information on FeePro please click here.

As always, we are working hard to gather and provide our practices with the most current information and assist as practices begin to reopen.

We’ve seen a spike in PPO Optimization and many practices are also beginning to implement and update In-Office Savings Plans.

We offer assistance and consultations with both services and are here to help. To schedule a PPO consultation, click here. To schedule an In-Office Savings plan consultation, click here.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.