In-Office Savings Plan

PlanPro In-Office Savings Plan
for Uninsured Patients

A Dental Membership Plan or In-Office Dental Savings Plan will ensure that you can provide your patients with a valuable payment option regardless of dental insurance coverage. PlanPro is a service and software created to simplify the process for your team and give you the tools you need for success.Approximately 60% of Americans are not covered by traditional dental insurance. This number continues to rise with the retirement rate and the number of employers opting out of dental coverage. As a provider, it is your opportunity to attract these patients to your office. Do you currently have your share of the uninsured patients in your area?

“We have an In-Office Savings Plan” should be the answer to these common patient issues:

      • I don’t have insurance; can you give me a discount?
      • My job situation has changed, and we no longer have dental insurance.
      • Dental work doesn’t fit in my budget.
      • My insurance won’t cover that.
      • I haven’t been to a dentist in years because I don’t have insurance.

An In-Office Savings Plan can also be the answer to practice headaches such as:

      • Dependency on low paying PPO contracts
      • Insurance red tape and treatment restrictions
      • Delayed payments, collections, and cash flow
      • Missed recall appointments
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If your saving plan is set up correctly, you are NOT just handing out discounts. You are creating ideal patients. Patients who prepay for their services, are loyal to your practice, visit consistently, and are not restricted to insurance maximums that cause less treatment acceptance. Your patients will appreciate the simplicity of saving money without worrying about deductibles, annual limits or waiting periods. We will help you create a plan that ensures you will increase profits.

Keep the Relationship
Between You and Your Patient

An independent In-Office Dental Savings Plan is an agreement between you and your patient, absolutely no third-party involvement. Here’s how it works: Patients enroll and pay an upfront annual (or monthly) fee directly to your office. In return, they receive preventative care throughout the year, plus savings on more advanced and elective treatment. Their plan is only valid in your office and taking advantage of their plan benefits promotes that ideal patient behavior and overall oral health.

Your revenue will increase as you add loyal patients,
increase treatment plan acceptance, and decrease the time spent waiting for payment.

PlanPro Consulting
and Support

An opportunity this big deserves experience!

Thousands of practices are adding focus to uninsured patients by implementing an In-Office Savings Plan or membership program. Some are a huge success while others fail. The difference comes down to how the program is set up and managed within each practice. Adding PlanPro to your team provides experience and a step by step action plan. Don’t waste valuable time and resources trying to figure this out on your own. PlanPro will simplify and expedite the process by providing FORMULAS AND DATA to ensure profitability, FORMS AND TEMPLATES to decrease the time it takes to get started, MARKETING SUPPORT to increase success and PLANPRO SOFTWARE, the business tool to take care of all the tracking details. We have worked through this process with practices across the country and we will give you recommendations based on proven strategies. You remain in complete control over your fees and benefits, but we will encourage and coach you and your team every step of the way.

Support Benefits:

  • FEEPRO Software – Our savings plan coaching and recommendations will depend on the UCR data shown in your FeePro fee analysis. It’s so important to our process that we include the first year of FeePro with your PlanPro purchase.
  • Customized plan development and consulting based on proven success and YOUR practice goals.
  • Templates – We will provide a complete enrollment form and explanation of plan benefits. These forms will be customized to the decisions you make for your plan and will include your practice logo.
  • Marketing Starter Kit – Time-saving templates and suggestions to help you announce and market your new program.
We help dental practices increase revenue

PlanPro Software

PlanPro software is a cloud-based program that allows you to isolate your plan patients and provides you with the statistics needed to run a successful program and make informed decisions. It takes a lot of time to manually track enrolled patients, program revenue, consumed benefits, expiration dates, and renewals. Without this information, you are left to run your program blind. PlanPro Software does all the work and provides you with the details. PlanPro INTEGRATES with most practice management software. In fact, PlanPro is the only Patterson Authorized Provider for In-Office Savings Plans.PlanPro does not force you to accept a cookie-cutter plan. It allows you to completely customize your account to match what works best for your practice situation. From there, it tracks your progress by recording enrollment AND visit revenue, consumed benefits, patient’s savings and much more. This data motivates everyone involved and allows your team to see and celebrate progress. PlanPro becomes part of your team by automating many of the tasks that would usually fall on the to-do list of the front desk. They will love the extra support! PlanPro automatically sends weekly/monthly progress report emails to your management team, as well as, emails to plan patients that explain plan benefits, notify of upcoming expiration dates, and encourage renewals.

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Software Benefits:

  • Practice Management Software Integration
  • Automated Data Synchronization
  • Team Training – Comprehensive written and live training for your entire team.
  • Automated Progress report emails
  • Automated Patient expiration and renewal emails
  • Unlimited stored plans
  • Unlimited patient files
  • Unlimited technical support and coaching
  • Financial Dashboard and Reports – real-time data
  • Advanced Patient Portal – patients can login any time to view their plan details, consumed benefits, and visit history.

Top Performing Practice of 2018

Our top performing single location practice in 2018
was a general dentist out of Chatham, NY.


  • 2018 was their third year offering PlanPro
  • Patient Enrollments in 2018 = 514
  • Enrollment Revenue in 2018 = $107,826.00
  • Revenue collected for plan patient’s additional dentistry = $907,408.85
  • 2018 Total Savings Plan Revenue = $1,015,234.85

2019 6-month update:

  • Patient enrollments through June = 262
  • Enrollment Revenue through June = $57,348
  • Revenue collected for plan patient’s additional dentistry through June = $398,077.55
  • 6-Month Total Savings Plan Revenue = $455,425.55


One of the biggest benefits of offering an independent savings plan program is, by cutting out the insurance company, you keep 100% of your plan revenue. We do not want to become the ‘middleman’ that charges based on how many patients you enroll. Our number one goal is to provide you with the tools you need to build and grow YOUR program. We don’t agree with charging you more and more as you meet that goal. The fee for our services and software is an all-inclusive FLAT MONTHLY LICENCING FEE. The monthly fee is grandfathered in for the life of our relationship and includes all software enhancements and updates at no additional charge. We can offer additional discounts for paid in full memberships of one or two years. A one-time setup fee applies to new accounts.Contact us today to see how you can effectively lower your dental practice overhead costs and customize your In-Office Dental Savings Plan Program to meet your unique goals! Call us at 844-464-2777 or schedule a complimentary consultation online.

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