The One Hour CEO Concept and Why You Need to Implement It

by Dr. Dennis DeLoach

There are as many management styles as there are consultants – and we all know how many consultants there are!! How do we wade through the garbage and implement the “stuff” that works? Whom do we trust? What are the simple, predictable and proven systems I can implement TODAY to make my practice more profitable? These are the questions we all have or have had at one point in our careers.

Dentists are in a unique position in the business world. As the dentist, we wear 3 ‘hats’ when it comes to running a business. First, most of us are the actual provider of dentistry in our office. If we do not produce it, revenue goes away. Second, we must manage the business aspects of our office to ensure that it is profitable. Third, we must give vision, direction and ultimate growth of the asset we own called the dental practice when it is time to sell. This is not an easy juggling act to perform, especially when we have not even factored in managing a staff and the issues associated with that.

There is an option that has been developed by dentists for dentists and is a proven, simple step by step process on how to become a “One Hour CEO” in an hour a week.

ppo wins
The first and most critical step is to schedule an hour in your schedule (it can be on your day off). Seems simple, but this one item will cause about 90% of you to fail. If you do not become Intentional with your time, you will continue to get the same results you are currently getting.
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Review your Profit & Loss Statement to determine if you are meeting the goals you have established. You must have written, declared goals your staff is aware of.
your best ppo
The next step is to review your Scoreboard. You must know what the “score” is in your office. What are your critical numbers that you must track daily, weekly and monthly?
your best ppo
Perform Zero Based Budgeting exercises on every area of your business to realize thousands of dollars each month that are getting wasted and lost.
your best ppo
Review your budgets and Purchase Order System. This one simple step is the fastest way to save thousands of dollars right now each month.

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