Higher PPO Reimbursements for 2018

by | Jan 3, 2018

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Higher PPO Reimbursements for 2018

by Kelsey Gorr

A new year always brings about a spark for change, however; the initiative to make a change fades quickly for most of us. 2017 brought about dozens of industry changes regarding PPO participation and leasing. Most of these changes went unnoticed, but as you prepare for tax season you may realize your PPO collections are decreasing. PPO carriers have been expanding their leasing networks, giving themselves more and more options to pay you on lower fee schedules. Slowly these new agreements automatically become effective and many practices lose tens of thousands before realizing what has happened. The key to higher PPO reimbursements comes from a very thorough understanding of these leasing arrangements, and more importantly, the loopholes and options to strategically structure participation with the best paying fee schedules. There is no better time to take a serious look at your PPO collections and make a change as we enter the new year. Our team has a very unique advantage when negotiating with insurance carriers because of our knowledge regarding leasing, this is the difference between little to no results after negotiations, and hundreds of thousands in newfound revenue!

Every day, week, month or year you delay making these changes, you’re tossing money away!!! Don’t wait another year to increase your profitability!

The testimonial below comes from a client who paid a Big Name negotiating company thousands to complete his negotiation work in 2017, after months and zero success, he turned to our team. We successfully negotiated with all eligible carriers after these increases had been denied just a couple months prior! Based on previous annual revenue, these increases we obtained not only covered his cost for our services but also covered the fees he’d paid the Big Name company that could not provide any results.

“In the past, I was with a different PPO negotiation company, however, after several months we did not make any progress. I have been very skeptical with the whole process of negotiating with insurance companies. I even attended several seminars to learn how to successfully negotiate with insurance companies. As a dentist, I don’t have enough staff nor the time to negotiate with insurance companies. However, eDentalMarket has restored my confidence and trust that higher fees can be negotiated.

My Account Manager is very knowledgeable and professional. She has answered all my questions and ensures that all our expectations are met. e-DentalMarket can negotiate with insurance companies in a timely manner, and has kept us updated throughout the whole process. The summary that was provided at the end was concise and complete. This has been the best investment I have spent for my practice, and I appreciate all the hard work e-DentalMarket has put into because the positive results are directly reflected.” Dr. Llanes, IL

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“This is the second time we have used this company. Without a negotiation company there is no way I would have gotten higher fees. Last time they paid for themselves in a matter of just a few months. I anticipate the same to be true this time.”

Dr. Waggoner, NV