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FeePro Office Fee
Analysis Software

The FeePro Office Fee Analysis Software App seamlessly integrates with your practice management software* to provide your office with industry-leading percentile and utilization data for your area, by Geo Zip. This incredible tool uses the largest compilation of insurance claim data and makes it simple to optimize fees, effectively negotiate dental fees and optimize insurance revenue, continue to provide the level of care your patients need and want, remain competitive for your area, all while improving your bottom line. There is no better way to complete an analysis of your UCR dental fee schedule.

Dental Fees shouldn’t struggle to keep up with the rate of inflation; the solution? Dentists need to update their fees strategically and regularly—that’s what makes FeePro a winner, with the largest compilation of data and frequent data updates (every 6 months).


Take a closer look at what FeePro brings to the table and see the real-life impact of continually keeping your fees updated with the perfect, permanent solution!

FeePro Features
& Benefits

  • Immediate access to procedure codes with accompanying percentiles for your specific Geo Zip.
  • Practice Management software integration to pull data.
  • Auto-Store your top 35 codes for easy future evaluation.
  • Current data with fresh updates every 6 months.
  • Valuable utilization data for your specific Geo Zip.
  • Comprehensive data on all dental procedures and codes resulting in the most thorough UCR dental fee schedule review.
  • A permanent solution with promotional and annual renewal pricing.
  • Scenario builder allows you to create and store potential adjustments to future use and implementation.
  • Revenue calculator to project revenue impact.



One time Set-up Fee

$599  $399

Annual Subscription Fee**

*Will not integrate with all PMS. Integration not required for full functionality and benefits.
** Annual billing, cancel access anytime.

At e-DentalMarket, we’re here to not only help you increase dental fees through PPO insurance negotiations and optimization, but also to help keep you from some of the most common fee collection pitfalls and write-offs in dental practice management.
With elevated knowledge comes higher revenue; the more relevant and current information your practice has, the more effectively you can manage your office.

Too many times have we been asked to help a practice negotiate dental fees all to discover that their own UCR dental fee schedule is impacting revenue much more significantly.

Yes, having the latest data at your disposal gives you leverage with your dental fee negotiations to potentially increase your dental PPO fees and insurance revenue, but optimizing your fees through FeePro will also impact nearly every facet of your business; contact us today by calling 844-464-2777 or schedule a  complimentary demo online.