PPE? Your Overhead Just Increased. What Are You Going To Do About It?


PPE guidelines and regulations have no doubt increased your operating costs, and many insurance companies are not recognizing the need for coverage or the additional costs you’re incurring. The easiest way to reduce overhead is to increase collections, but how do we do this when we’re limited to insurance carrier’s allowable amounts?

PPE? Your Overhead Just Increased. What Are You Going To Do About It?2021-04-12T20:12:37+00:00

PPE … Here’s What We Know.


There’s been a lot of confusion regarding PPE. And rightfully so. It’s going to be a process for the insurance companies to get this hiccup figured out. Especially with all the leasing agreements and making sure third party providers are on board and up to date with billing policies.

PPE … Here’s What We Know.2020-12-02T17:54:40+00:00

Debunking PPO Negotiations


Recently the ADA released a letter on negotiating and handling contract negotiations. While we appreciate the ADA’s commitment to advocating for dental practices, we found that most information included in this letter is inaccurate and has proven to be ineffective over the last couple of years.

Debunking PPO Negotiations2020-05-08T19:27:18+00:00

The Two Types of Practices During Covid-19


We have seen the emergence of two types of practices during this pandemic. The first type being paralyzed with fear and shutting down every aspect of their business in an effort to preserve and maintain. The second being those that are learning to pivot and maintain their forward motion during difficult times.

The Two Types of Practices During Covid-192020-04-24T19:21:05+00:00

Part 2: Solving the PPO Puzzle


If you caught our article about PPO Optimization and the endless number of structural possibilities available, you're probably wondering if this might be affecting you. If you are participating with even a handful of PPO plans, the answer is likely YES!

Part 2: Solving the PPO Puzzle2021-04-14T22:10:32+00:00

Solving the PPO Puzzle


Ever seen one of these? This is the simplest way to explain the possibilities of "leasing/sharing" that can take place between insurance companies and the endless number of combinations any practice can utilize.

Solving the PPO Puzzle2021-04-14T22:07:18+00:00
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