Revenue Enhancement System Guaranteed to MAXIMIZE Your Profits

by | Jan 1, 2017

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January’s Practice Success Story

This month, we’ll explore how we negotiated a direct contract for a general provider. This provider has one location in Lindenhurst, Illinois. Our negotiated contract resulted in:

A 42% increase for this practice compared to the previous leasing arrangement
An estimated return on investment of $19,440.45 for this Aetna contract alone
When patients send you money directly to be part of your practice’s plan, everyone benefits. It’s time you considered offering patients your superior dental services at greatly reduced prices. We’ve all had enough of the rigmarole and cost of traditional insurance plans.

Insurance Updates

With a new year comes new opportunities, experiences, and changes. These changes can be positive or negative, and when it comes to contracted companies updating your fee schedules with 2017 ADA codes, they can make a significant impact on your practice.

e-DentalMarket knows how essential it is to stay in front of industry news. We’ll continue releasing information to keep you apprised of the latest updates in the dentistry field.

With e-DentalMarket, your office fees are optimized, your PPO revenue is maximized, and third-party dependency is no longer an issue. You can finally offer your patients a hassle-free, cost-saving solution with your own customized plan, which in turn becomes a solution for you.

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Revenue Enhancement System

Our mission at e-DentalMarket is to maximize the dentist’s profits and decrease his/her stress by increasing revenue and decreasing overhead.

Our revolutionary Revenue Enhancement System is GUARANTEED to MAXIMIZE profits in dental offices and we have proven it hundreds of times for dentists around the US. I would like to share with you why you should consider this process for your dental practice.

The Revenue Enhancement System is a 3-step process. First, any discussion of revenue enhancement in a dental office that does not include an evaluation of your fees in a “geo-based” system (zip code fees as reported to insurance companies NOT via surveys and questionnaires) is a literal waste of time and money. We have partnered with the absolute best company that provides this data and the results have been staggering. All dental offices, whether they participate in insurance, fee-for-service or both, absolutely must utilize this service through e-DentalMarket’s Fee Pro app. You determine your level of fees based on FACTS, NOT GUESSWORK.

Second, patients throughout the US either have dental insurance or they don’t. PPO Insurance is a vital component of most dental practices across America. Whether you participate in PPO Insurance is a personal decision. If you do participate, you must use a reputable PPO Negotiation company that has strategic relationships with the insurance companies. If you take PPO Insurance, you must have access to the best fee schedules they offer. Not all dentists who sign up have the same fee schedules even in the same zip code!! This is absolutely a relationship based business and the results are directly dependent upon the quality of those relationships. It is not simply getting the most money out of the insurance companies but also working with them to help provide lists of dentists in areas that companies are needing providers in. We match our insurance relationships against any company in the industry and our results and testimonials prove it!

Third, the roughly half of patients in the US who do not have dental insurance should be offered the opportunity to utilize some sort of in-office discount or membership or savings plan. There are countless studies in the literature that absolutely show that patients are much more likely to go to the dentist and receive recommended work if they have insurance. Due to a large number of retiring “Baby Boomers” who are losing their dental insurance, this market is exploding daily. I have patients in my practice many times each week who ask us to do a “pre-retirement exam” before they retire because they are losing their benefits. They seem to think they will not come in regularly since they don’t have insurance anymore. As we present to them our unique in-office options, they are beyond excited to remain in the office they love and feel comfortable with. THIS IS AN EXPLODING GROWTH OPPORTUNITY IN EVERY DENTAL OFFICE IN AMERICA. Please check out this product on our website. It is called Plan Pro and is growing in popularity daily. We have dentists around the country who have literally signed up 700-800 patients in a year and added over $500,000 in revenue to their office production.
I ask you to ask yourself this question, “Do I have 30 minutes to spare in my schedule to find out how to add TREMENDOUS amounts of profit to my bottom line?”. It is a simple process and we will conduct a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CALL with you and outline what results you can expect PRIOR to any commitment to our company. CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE PHONE CONSULTATION TO DETERMINE WHAT AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU ARE LEAVING ON THE TABLE BY NOT ACTING.

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“This is the second time we have used this company. Without a negotiation company there is no way I would have gotten higher fees. Last time they paid for themselves in a matter of just a few months. I anticipate the same to be true this time.”

Dr. Waggoner, NV