Optimize Insurance Participation:
With a new year approaching, there is no better time to start thinking about building a profitable PPO structure that will allow you to see higher profits in 2019.

This goes way beyond standard PPO fee negotiations. Did you know you are likely to have a handful of contracts in place that you may or may not be using that will actually prevent fee increases from other insurance companies? With more and more insurance leasing arrangements, these carriers have access to see what others are paying you. Keeping some contracts in place can lower the bar for all others. Did you know with most National PPO carriers you can keep your participation without accepting their standard fee schedules? e-DentalMarket specializes in understanding PPO structure, leasing options and arrangements that can not only result in substantial PPO fee schedule increases, but a cleaner PPO structure that eliminates guess work and overlapping participation. In addition to negotiating fees, we provide you with a wide range of recommendations that may include adding or removing plans, optiong in or out of leasing arrangements and restructuring your PPO particpation to ensure you can continue see the patients you need to, while receiving signigicantly higher reimbursements from insurance carriers.

We specialize in all types of dental practices, with all types of needs and goals. Start-ups, providers nearing retirement or looking to sell their practice, fee-for-service providers considering limited participation, saturated participation, wanting to increase patient base, adding associates or locations, looking to downsize participation, DSOs, corporate offices, specialty practices and more.

Review and Adjust Private UCR Fees with Inflation:
We recommend that all practices review and adjust their private fees at least once annually. The end of the year is a great time to review and implement changes. Private fees are the single most overlooked change a practice could be making to help improve their bottom line. Many of our clients have expressed that over 90% of their patients have insurance, so their UCR fees are irrelevant to profitability. False! Insurance carriers track what you are historically billing them, along with all other providers in your region. They use this data to design standard fee schedules and determine if adjustments should be made in the new year. They base their contracted schedules on the percentage of the average fees being billed. Low averages equal low standard fees for the area as a whole. In addition to this, insurance companies require minimum write-offs for participation, practices billing lower UCR fees will generally be offered lower initial fee schedules and lower fee increases. Sometimes an insurance company will deny a contracted fee increase all together when they see your private fee has not increased in several years, therefore your write-off has not increased either. It’s important to show these carriers that the cost of providing dentistry increases year after year, adding leverage to your request for higher contracted fees.

e-DentalMarket offers an exclusive, cloud-based software designed to assist you with UCR fee evaluations. FeePro shows you your current UCR fees next to all other UCR fee benchmarks in your area to easily compare and make adjustments. The software also gives you the frequency in which each ADA code was billed in your area and custom calculators to project returns based on changes. Our data is collected directly from insurance carriers, ensuring it is the largest, most accurate database for UCR fees nationwide.

Consider Adding or Revamping an In-Office Savings Plan:
With increasing popularity, this is something you don’t want to wait to implement and grow. An estimated 55% of Americans do not have dental insurance, yet a much smaller percentage of uninsured patients are likely to visit your office. An In-Office Savings Plan is designed to enhance your practice, by allowing you to treat more uninsured patients, beocme less dependent on insurance companies and create a loyal patien base. There are several variations of mempership or discount plans, and it’s exremely important to understand the difference and choose the right fit for your practice.

You may already be offering a plan or be participating in a discount program. Most practices set up plans and leave them to die, rarely seeing any real benefit. Without a marketing strategy, advanced training and streamlined tracking, you likely won’t see the benefits you’d like.

e-DentalMarket offers custom services that will allow you to design and administer your own unique plan that fits your needs. We do not offer a cookie cutter plan that requires you to compete for patients like some plans. We offer exclusive software to help you track and manage your plan, in addition to marketing materials and strategies to ensure your plan is not only designed well but attracting new patients and continually growing.

If you have questions about any of these three revenue increasing options please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 844-464-2777