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What Could Extra Revenue Mean For Your Practice?

Recently we completed a PPO Negotiation and Structuring project for a single provider office in Arizona with two locations. We were able to negotiate 4 direct contracts that resulted in increases between 6% and 62% on average. We also optimized fees with four additional companies and by utilizing leverage and leasing possibilities, we were able to recommend changes that resulted in massive PPO fee increases up to 53%.

With our thorough strategy, we increased this dentist’s revenue by a conservative estimate of $28,400/year through their 4 direct contracts and identified an additional $367,400/year through advanced re-structuring options. During the first year after our services, this practice has the potential of making close to $400,000 more with these negotiable companies than they did in the previous year. That’s over a 65x return on their investment into PPO Negotiations.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. We will review your current revenue structure with you and provide information on what options may be available for your practice. You are welcome to schedule online by using the following link, https://edentalmarket.youcanbook.me or calling us directly at 844-464-2777. We look forward to helping you discover the unclaimed revenue within your business.

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Why e-DentalMarket?

A Comprehensive Solution

We’ve developed industry-leading apps that sync with your dental practice management software and streamline everything, taking your efficiency and productivity to new levels.

Whether you are striving to maximize your PPO insurance revenue, want to implement or manage your own in-house dental savings plan in order to drive cash patients and improve retention, or simply need the tools to determine how to optimize your office fees, our innovative software has a solution.

In addition to simple software solutions, if you’re looking to vastly improve your overhead, you’ll benefit greatly from our incredible dental lab pricing, and merchant processing rates as well. (And more!)

Dentists Who Understand

e-DentalMarket was founded by dentists for dentists, with a combined 70+ years of dental practicing, dental consulting and technology development. Our commitment is to pioneer practice management improvements through modern technology, to optimize revenue, reduce write-offs and enhance quality dentistry.

A Solid Return On Your Investment

It pays to be smart when choosing your dental office management solutions since these costs can directly impact your profits and your practice. If you opt for software solutions that do little to resolve your pressing problems, it wastes your time and hard-earned money and hinders your ability to provide the highest level of patient care and grow your practice.

At e-DentalMarket all the solutions we offer provide a solid return on investment. Our prices are highly competitive, allowing you to get started now and experience fast ROI.

Say yes to a more rewarding and profitable dental practice today. Take a tour around our site to discover the different ways we can improve every aspect of your business. We look forward to being there for you as we build your practice!

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