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Our Services and Apps

We can help your dental office increase revenue and patient loyalty with the following services and software applications. We’ve developed industry-leading apps that sync with your dental practice management software and streamline everything, taking your efficiency and productivity to new levels.

PPO Negotiations

Our PPO Negotiations and Optimization service is the fastest and most efficient way to improve insurance revenue in the industry.

  • Optimize UCR office fees
  • Maximize PPO Insurance Revenue
  • Reduce Dependency on Insurance Companies.


Our In-Office Dental Savings Plan software ensures you increases revenue and patient loyalty.

  • Dependency on low paying PPO contracts
  • Insurance red tape
  • Delayed payments, collections, and cash flow


There’s no better way to complete an analysis of your UCR dental fee schedule.

  • Current data with fresh updates every 6 months.
  • Valuable utilization data for your specific Geo Zip.


Reduce excessive lab costs with our lab pro services and software application. Access a world of savings for your lab work.

  • Lowest pricing
  • Latest technology in digital scanning & milling

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Recent case study

Recently we completed a PPO Negotiation and Structuring project for a single provider office in Arizona with two locations. We were able to negotiate 4 direct contracts that resulted in increases between 6% and 62% on average. We also optimized fees with four additional companies and by utilizing leverage and leasing possibilities, we were able to recommend changes that resulted in massive PPO fee increases up to 53%.

With our thorough strategy, we increased this dentist’s revenue by a conservative estimate of $28,400/year through their 4 direct contracts and identified an additional $367,400/year through advanced re-structuring options. During the first year after our services, this practice has the potential of making close to $400,000 more with these negotiable companies than they did in the previous year. That’s over a 65x return on their investment into PPO Negotiations.

A Comprehensive Solution

We’ve developed industry-leading apps that sync with your dental practice management software and streamline everything, taking your efficiency and productivity to new levels.

Whether you are striving to maximize your PPO insurance revenue, want to implement or manage your own in-house dental savings plan in order to drive cash patients and improve retention, or simply need the tools to determine how to optimize your office fees, our innovative software has a solution.

In addition to simple software solutions, if you’re looking to vastly improve your overhead, you’ll benefit greatly from our incredible dental lab pricing, and merchant processing rates as well. (And more!)

Dental Practices Recommend Us

“You guys are amazing. You all are very patient and soooo detail oriented. Then the icing on the cake is the huge increase in our fee schedules. You are all greatly appreciated!”

B. Wilson, TX

The EDM team has done a great job keeping me up to speed on the negotiations and on understanding how the process works
Dr. Gazori, VA

Great Communication! Kept us on the ball getting paperwork in.
Dr. Kaiser, PA

“Kelsey Gorr was excellent in handling our account. She answered all of our questions in a timely manner. I feel that the expense was worth it for the negotiations.”
Dr. Emrich, NC

A Solid Return On Your Investment!

It pays to be smart when choosing your dental office management solutions since these costs can directly impact your profits and your practice. If you opt for software solutions that do little to resolve your pressing problems, it wastes your time and hard-earned money and hinders your ability to provide the highest level of patient care and grow your practice.

At e-DentalMarket all the solutions we offer provide a solid return on investment. Our prices are highly competitive, allowing you to get started now and experience fast ROI.

Say yes to a more rewarding and profitable dental practice today. Take a tour around our site to discover the different ways we can improve every aspect of your business. We look forward to being there for you as we build your practice!

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Answers to Your PPO Negotiation Questions

Which companies negotiate and which don’t?

Most national PPO companies have the ability to negotiate fees for eligible providers. Companies that are predominately associated with discount plans, HMO plans, and federally mandated programs are far less likely to have the ability to make changes to contracted fees. Negotiating with the “Industry Giants” can also yield little to no results. These companies that control the vast majority of the market are less likely to bend due to their power and size

A lot of big companies don’t seem to negotiate, it is really worth my time?

We say YES! Even without cooperation from the larger companies, we have seen practices increase annual revenues by tens of thousands of dollars through other insurance companies. Take this, for example, a practice may find they are contracted with 5-6 negotiable carriers, each of which only makes up a small part of their annual revenue, we’ll say $200,000 total. If you averaged a 5-10% increase for each of those companies, we’re talking an additional $10,000-20,000 annually. This example is very conservative!

I don’t take PPO’s but need to start doing so soon. Can you help me negotiate before I am contracted?

YES! Building the most profitable structure and negotiating fees is best done prior to becoming a contracted provider. It is crucial to negotiate fees prior to contracting. Once contracts are signed, fees are often in place for a 24-month minimum. Plus, stacking companies through more profitable alternatives rather than adding direct contracts can typically yield much higher compensation. We have assisted hundreds of clients who have started up a new practice or made the decision to contract with PPO’s after being fee for service for years.

What kind of increases should I expect to see?

Increases can vary immensely based on several factors; including the company, eligibility, demographics and your practices personal leverage. We see some companies offer increases in the range of 3-10% any given day for eligible providers. It is not uncommon to see increases exceed 20% with the right leverage and technique.

What are the benefits of having eDentalMarket handle my negotiations versus my office staff?

e-DentalMarket has assisted thousands of practices in negotiating higher insurance reimbursement rates for their practice. Our company has built close relationships with many national PPO companies. These relationships allow for a streamlined process that typically yields better results than practices who choose to negotiate on their own. Direct negotiations are only a small part of recognizing where revenue can be increased. Our team has a deep knowledge of how leasing arrangements can work to your benefit and provide detailed information about properly structuring PPO plans through a membership. Not only do we assist in contracted insurance fee increases, but we can help you analyze your office fees to recognize where you are possibly losing revenue and provide software options to create an in-house savings plan to further increase your practice’s profitability.

I recently negotiated my fees, can you still help?

Typical PPO contracts include a 24-month agreement. Meaning, if you have received a fee increase from a particular company directly, and signed that increase, you have agreed to accept those fees for a minimum of 24 months. For some companies, you may have better options through leasing networks that could further increase compensation for you. Our team of professionals specializes in recognizing where additional profits can be made and can provide our clients with a range of options to increase further if you feel stuck under a contract that is not eligible to negotiate again.

Our Custom Articles

Read relevant and timely articles crafted in-house. 

Financial Stewardship as a Dentist/CEO

Financial Stewardship as a Dentist/CEO

Many providers are still unaware of PPO leasing, how it works or how to keep it from affecting the bottom line. Dental PPO leasing has pretty much leaked it’s way into every major PPO plan and the combination options to be in network are endless.

Dental PPO Leasing: Navigating through the maze

Dental PPO Leasing: Navigating through the maze

Many providers are still unaware of PPO leasing, how it works or how to keep it from affecting the bottom line. Dental PPO leasing has pretty much leaked it’s way into every major PPO plan and the combination options to be in network are endless.

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