Dr. Hammond, CA

This was an easy and stress-free experience from the beginning...it was 5 star.

Dr. Klyber, IL

I endured 26 years of endless frustration trying to renegotiate a higher fee schedule with the long list of insurance carriers. It was a total waste of my time until I began working with eDentalMarket. In less than four months, I am now set for the next two years. I will definitely be using e-DentalMarket again in the future when the time comes to renegotiate my fees. Do not walk—but run!! This company DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL DO and will absolutely deliver positive results for your practice!!

Dr. Braunstein, CA

I would highly recommend eDentalMarket as they were able to renegotiate our PPO fees and also advise us and were instrumental in adding additional PPO contracts at higher fees than we were receiving under our other contracts. The fees they charged us will be recovered within 6 months or less, and then pure additional profit into the foreseeable future with no extra work or expense. This is a true "no brainier" for any dentist that is a PPO provider and hasn't had their fees renegotiated in some time. Thank you to the eDentalMarket team!!!

Dr. Prato, WA

Three and a half years ago, I bought a small 4-operatory practice … we lacked the time and skill to get the most we could from the insurance companies. That's where eDentalMarket came to the rescue…We calculated the net effect to our annual revenue and realized we'd recover the fee we paid eDentalMarket in under 4 months! Talk about a great Return on Investment!! The team at eDentalMarket was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, gave us weekly updates and did everything they said they would do. I give eDentalMarket my highest recommendation.

Dr. LaCouture, CO

Thank you so much! I tell Doctor all the time ...MONEY WELL SPENT! You make my life easier!!!

Frandsen Dental, UT

E-dental was able to get us a significant increase...and increases for a few more companies...was a huge victory for us. We have been happy with the service that we have received with e-Dental. They have always been quick to return my calls or emails. We are working with them on their in office savings plan which is a huge task ... If you are thinking about a savings plan for your office though I would also recommend them because they gave us a ton of background info that we honestly never would have thought of without them.

Dr. Trembath, CO

I recently enlisted the assistance of e-DentalMarket to negotiate the contracted fees with several insurance companies. My fees were wll below the market average and I had no hope of being profitable with such low reimbursement for services rendered. The e-DentalMarket team made the process as painless as possible. I was able to focus on my patients while they worked with the insurance companies. They contacted the office via email almost weekly ensuring we knew what was happening in the process. In the end, she was able to customize a proposal based on my office fees and increased the average compensation of my top utilized codes to over 90%. I would definitely recommend e-DentalMarket

Dr. Commean, IL

You got the job done.

Dr. Bryce, WI

Everything was great! There was constant communication so it was an easy process.

Dr. Bazos, FL

When I find people who are on top of their game, I do spread the knowledge.

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