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Feb 15

e-DentalMarket PPO Insurance Optimization - Part 2

If you caught our last article about PPO Optimization and the endless number of structural possibilities available, you’re probably wondering if this might be affecting you. If you are participating with even a handful of PPO plans, the answer is likely YES!

Feb 01

PPO Insurance Optimization - Solving the Puzzle

Each insurance company leases several other insurance companies or networks within insurance companies. These leasing agreements overlap, tangle and can vary by state or area. Furthermore, current contracts and/or leasing defines precedence, fee limitations and can certainly affect your bottom line in a negative way.

Jan 01

Revenue Enhancement System Guaranteed to MAXIMIZE Your Profits

With a new year comes new opportunities, experiences and changes. These changes can be positive or negative, and when it comes to contracted companies updating your fee schedules with 2017 ADA codes, they can make a significant impact on your practice. e-DentalMarket knows how essential it is to stay in front of industry news. We'll continue releasing information to keep you apprised of the latest updates in the dentistry field

Dec 01

Practice Success Story

Incorporating in-house plans, even in the very first year, makes a drastic difference. When patients give you money directly to be part of your plan, neither of you are losing out to the insurance companies and everybody wins. Successful dental practices know the importance of staying intentional. Being intentional with your practice means implementing the latest tools and resources in order to stay on top.

July 01

How to Become a Pro Dental PPO Negotiator

The field of dentistry is continually evolving, becoming more competitive daily. Small and private dentists are forced to compete with corporate dental offices and multi-doctor practices. Dentists are often at the mercy of insurance companies as they drive down the price of coverage for insured patients. In order to remain viable, it is necessary for Dentists to accept a variety of insurance plans and find high reimbursement rates.

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