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In-Office Savings Plans remove the 'middle man' and ensure that you can provide patients with the peace of mind that comes with being a member in your practice regardless of insurance coverage and without devaluing the services you provide. These plans enable you to retain total control over your fees and treatment- keeping third parties out of your practice.

PlanPro integrates with most practice management systems making it the fastest, most efficient, and effortless way to launch a savings plan program. PlanPro is cloud based software that allows you to isolate your plan patients and provides you with the statistics needed to make informed decisions about your program. Our software allows you to completely customize your account to match what works best for your practice situation. PlanPro will keep you organized by tracking all the details -patient enrollment, expiration dates, savings, and consumed services. It also tracks your progress by recording your enrollment and visit revenue. This information is shown in a series of detailed reports, as well as, in visual charts and graphs that allow you to compare your information month by month throughout the year.

Product Features & Benefits


PlanPro software, with Practice Management System integration, is the fastest, most efficient way to create, administer, and track your In-Office Savings Plan Program.

FeePro Software - Your first year of FeePro is included with your PlanPro service. You will have full access to our fee analysis software, training and support.
X Customized Plan Development and Recommendations (based on your fee analysis and practice goals)
X Practice Management System Integration*
X Automated data synchronization
X Team Training- Comprehensive written and live training for the entire team
X Unlimited number of stored plans
X Unlimited stored patient files
X Unlimited technical support, training and coaching
X Financial Dashboard and Reports to help you strategize and track progress
X Advanced patient communication- including automated patient emails and an online Patient Portal for your patients to check their benefits, view their visit history and review payment details
X Marketing Starter Kit- time saving templates and suggestions to help you announce your new program.
$999 One time Set up Fee
$169/mo Monthly Fee
$2,724 1 year paid in full option (10% Savings)
$4,044 2 year paid in full option (20% Savings)

* Software functionality ceases upon termination.
Epay (Online Credit Processing App) Optional

Your customized savings plan will ensure that you can provide your patients with a valueable payment solution regardless of insurance coverage. You retain total control over your fees and treatment- keeping third parties out of your practice. PlanPro is the key to simplify the process and give you the tools you need for success.

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