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PPO Negotiator

e-DentalMarket’s PPO Negotiator services is not only the fastest, most efficient way to improve insurance revenue, but it’s also the most comprehensive in the industry.

Our three-pronged approach of 1. Optimizing office fees 2. Maximizing PPO insurance revenue and 3. Reducing dependency on 3rd parties all together is the best way to see a very solid return on your investment.

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation call today where one of our professionals will answer your questions and create a customized blue-print for your practice to ensure your success! See why thousands of other dentists have trusted e-DentalMarket to perform dental insurance fee negotiating on their behalf as we got new heights for your bottom line!

PPO Negotiator

Custom pricing for your practice (Installment options available)

Utilization of key demographic research for your area

Established insurance contacts and modes of communication to ensure expedited and successful negotiation results

Employment of proven strategies to effectively yield results on your behalf

Measurable forecasting of potential revenue increases

Professional, practice-specific recommendations for a more competitive and profitable PPO structure

Effective dates secured for all improved fee schedules

PPO Contracting Services- a la carte services by request.

Custom Pricing Starting at $199

Preparation & submission of applications and other required documents to insurance companies

Add/change/remove location processing

Add/change/remove provider processing

Add/change/remove TIN processing

Practice acquisition/ownership change processing

Termination or change of plan guidance

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