Maximize Revenue by Optimizing your Practice Fees


The FeePro App, powered by FAIR Health, seamlessly integrates with your practice management software* to provide your office with industry-leading percentile and utilization data for your area, by Geo Zip. This incredible tool uses the largest compilation of insurance claim data and makes it SIMPLE to optimize fees:

-effectively negotiate dental fees and optimize insurance revenue

-continue to provide the level of care your patients need and want

-remain competitive for your area, all while improving your bottom line

Dental Fees shouldn’t struggle to keep up with the rate of inflation; the solution? Dentists need to update their fees strategically and regularly—that’s what makes FeePro a winner, with the largest compilation of data and frequent data updates (every 6 months).

Take a closer look at what FeePro brings to the table and see the real-life impact of continually keeping your fees updated with the perfect, permanent solution!

FeePro Benefits

Immediate access to procedure codes with accompanying percentiles for your specific Geo Zip

Practice Management Software* Integration to pull data

Auto-store your top 35 codes for easy future evaluation

Current data with Fresh Updates every 6 Months

Valuable utilization data for your specific Geo Zip

Comprehensive data to all dental procedure codes

Permanent Solution with promotional annual renewal pricing

Scenario builder allows you to create & store potential adjustments future use and implementation

Custom calculators to project revenue impact


One time Setup Fee (Covers all Apps)


Annual Subscription Fee**

$599  $399

*Will not integrate with all PMS. Integration not required for full functionality and benefits.

**Annual Billing, cancel access anytime

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