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DIY Negotiator

Negotiate Like a Pro
Not quite ready to hire our proven professionals to negotiate and optimize your current PPO contracts?
Do you have the staff bandwidth to get it done? Look no further. The DIY Negotiator app can turn you into a PPO revenue “specialist” virtually overnight, as you attempt to negotiate better dental reimbursement rates and reduce write-offs.
Take advantage of this exceptional value and discounted price today and you’ll receive online access to all of the following content AND a free 30 minute consultation with a professional from our team.

PPO Negotiations ($299):

✔ What makes an insurance company negotiate?
✔ The Proven Steps of PPO Insurance Negotiations
✔ Cracking the Shared Network Code
✔ The Big Four “Non-Negotiable Companies Explained”
✔ The secret behind the 80th percentile
✔ The ins and outs of downgrade policies and how to make the most of it

Billing and Claims ($299):

✔ How to properly enforce fees
✔ Preventing denied claims
✔ Clustering and pairing of codes billed together
✔ Answers to the most commonly asked billing questions
✔ Ask the right questions when verifying benefits
✔ Reconciliation and reprocessing

Revenue Optimization ($299):

✔ The True Factors that Impact your Fee Schedule (rationale of reimbursements)
✔ Dental Lab Savings Calculator and Insights
✔ The Dental Supply Secret that will instantly save you 20-40%
✔ EOB and Audit Tips
✔ Harnessing Buyer Behavior Complete Study

BONUS: 30 Minute Phone Consultation! Let us help you succeed! ($199)
All in all, you'll be getting a TOTAL VALUE OF $1,096 for a low, one-time $199!

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