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Reduce Duplication of Effort

See More Patients

Keep More Patients

Decrease Payroll Expense

Improve PPO Reimbursements

Access Insider Tips

Maximize Office Fees

Access Lab and Supply Savings

Create and Administer your Savings Plan

Save on Financing

Approve and Finance more Patients

Organize Chaos


“ENSURE that each patient interaction is a SUCCESS through modern touch screen technology (hardware currently at no cost through e-DentalMarket). DentalPX will transform your practice into a knowledge, referral and sales center and greatly improve patient communication and satisfaction.””

  1. Knowledge Center:

    The knowledge center is filled with videos, articles and other information and is the simplest way to educate patients and receive digital informed consent in one place. Studies show people are either Visual, Auditory are Kinesthetic learners but Kinesthetic learners only makes up 5% of the population. Cater to both audio and visual patients through the Knowledge Center.

  2. Referrals:

    Patients are more comfortable referring their friends and family to you if the actual process to refer is easy, private and kind of fun. There is no less invasive way to secure referrals than through DentalPX in a practice.

  3. Testimonials:

    Gathering testimonials for marketing purposes is powerful. Making it part of the exit survey and check out (without even spelling it out to the patient that you are actually garnering a testimonial from them) will pay for itself in spades if the testimonials are used effectively for future marketing. What’s a new testimony worth to you?

  4. Quiz:

    A short and simple quiz will not only test the knowledge of the patient in an entertaining way, but can also allow the patient to provide critical feedback through quiz questions. For example, no one likes to be told their smile needs to be fixed, but a simple quiz question that asks how the patient likes his/her smile can open up a world of opportunity for conversation and potentially accepted treatment.

  5. Products/Advertising:

    DentalPX allows you to customize product offerings for your patients and promote events, and other key messages or offerings according to your liking.

And much more!


One time $295 Quick Start Set Up Fee (Separate than other Apps)
Monthly Subscription Fee $199
*36 month service agreement

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